Hannibal!AU where Hannibal and Will are boyfriend psychopaths doing boyfriend psychopath things like fantasizing to kill people and occasionally each other


.. Wait a diddly darn minute

Anonymous asked:

Do you think Derek has a praise kink?



I don’t think Derek has a praise kink.

I think Derek has the praise kink. The praise kink of legends. The praise kink of the ages. The praise kink to rule all other praise kinks.

Derek wants so badly to be told he’s doing good, that he’s being good, that he’s gorgeous and incredible and great, just like that, just as he is. Derek wants nothing more than to be wanted, to be needed. Derek wants to hear that he’s loved and that he’s deserving of being loved.

Derek wants to give his partner as much love and support and pleasure he can muster and wants only for them to speak their love and praise of him always.

Aaaaaah, Derek and praise kink.